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¿Web de un intermediario en lugar de la Web Oficial del hotel en tu ficha de Kayak?

Disculpa, però aquesta entrada està disponible a Espanyol Europeu.

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  1. I had a business inltsig on TA last year, briefly At the time, and now, we were also listed on and Laterooms.Our inltsig page on TA also had boxes you could tick and at the time, a big Book Now’ button which of course took you to either or Laterooms, to which obviously, we pay commission.So, we ordered the business inltsig and was horrified when it appeared.TA had put a single small line of standard text on our inltsig page which referred to our website, but left the big Book Now’ button in place. So was this value for money? No. Which button is a browsing potential guest going to push? Go figure!!When I confronted them on this, it was my fault apparantly, as it was I who had the relationship with etc. and that it was I that should leave and Laterooms if I wanted the big book now buttons taken away.I could not understand their logic then or now. It is not I that controls their website! Therefore I had the business inltsig taken away and a refund was duly paid. Business Listing? Waste of time & Money.

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