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  1. Great posting, thanks for sharing. Highlights that Hoteliers have much more power than they think they have, using and improving the tools they can directly control to make a difference.

  2. Thanks for sharing such an amazing example for everybody interested on electronic hotel distribution.

    It´s pretty clear that the industry have to move forward quickly in order to better reach the new customer in the online tourism domain, broadly speaking.

    Since you don´t specify nothing in the article it is supposed that the landing pages and the mails where made in the differents languages used by the hotel´s suscribers or you sent the same information in english, for instance?

    Certainly you have stressed the point that the groups where randomly divided with the same languague proportion but would be nice to know it.

    Greetings from the Canary Islands

  3. Thank you PJ McIntyre and Javier.

    Both groups (with and without promo code) shared the same language percentage of users: 30% English and 70% Spanish.
    We created 4 email versions: English with promocode, English without promocode. Spanish with promocode and Spanish without it.
    Landing pages were also specific for each language.

  4. Nice article and thank you for sharing.

    Thought you might want to rephrase the above text.


    The conversion rate in Group 2 is abysmal compared with Group I.


    The conversion rate in Group 1 is abysmal compared with Group 2.

  5. Nos ha parecido muy interesante, el resultado del estudio que habeis hecho.
    También nos parece genial la forma en la que os explicais, y la sencillez de la trasmisión de conocimientos. Se hace muy facil de leer y entender.
    Es una web que a partir de hoy seguiremos atentamente 😉

  6. Interesting.
    But do you think that since the first add (email and Adwords) don’t have stated that there is a 25% discount, that it must have influenced the users to click more on the second option ?…